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Memories of the studios founded in Kyoto, the City of Film

It has been more than 120 years since the first movie was aired in Japan.
During that time, there were many hardships, such as major earthquakes and wars, and today’s prosperity has been built thanks to the efforts of our predecessors who overcame these hardships.
Films have been with our ancestors in times of joy and sorrow, nurturing hope and optimism for tomorrow.
Kyoto is a city that has continued to make films that encourage such people.
Particularly jidaigeki, or period films/dramas that bring to life the culture of old Japan, originated and flourished here in Kyoto.
These are some of the studios that were founded in Kyoto and the films that were shot there.

Image courtesy of Toei Kyoto Studio Park Movie library
Studio map created by Shinya Furuichi